The breakthrough for cut flowers.

Enjoying fresh roses 365 days a year is no longer an expensive luxury or time consuming.  

Roses and other flowers last longer and only require that water be added every few days. It is no longer necessary to change the water, trim the stems, and rearrange your flowers every few days to keep them fresh. They are easier to care for than potted flowers.

KULVASE™ promotes healthy stems and water uptake while preventing algae and accumulation of plant hormones that cause flowers to wilt - all without the use of any chemicals.

KULVASE™ keeps your flowers fresh longer naturally, without adding chemicals, incessantly cutting down the stems, or changing the water.  In fact, chemical additives do not make expensive roses last nearly as long as KULVASE™.

Roses that are fresh generally last about three times as long. Some robust varieties can last 6 weeks.

Cut roses vary by variety and freshness when you receive them, but whatever the type or condition of roses you receive, KULVASE™ can help them stay fresh and last longer.

KULVASE™ is based on new science and a stunning patented technology that quietly keeps the vase cool. Your florist keeps roses and other flowers locked in a cooler to preserve them. Kulvase lets you enjoy those expensive flowers, keeping them cool and fresh longer in your home, for a carefree, elegant life.