IF your roses arrive to you DRY IN A CONTAINER it is essential to "WATER" your roses as follows:

1. Fill a clean bowl or bucket with WARM water, also fill the vase that came with your Kulvase™ with WARM water.

2. Look for a JOINT in the stem above each end. 

3. Cut off the ends of the stems ABOVE THE JOINT WHILE HOLDING IT UNDER WATER about 1-2" (2.5 -5 cm) above the ends at a 45 degree angle.  Also clip off any leaves that will be below the water line as well as any damaged leaves.  It is best to use sharp pruning shears that are designed to NOT CRUSH the stems when you cut them.

The purpose for this is to avoid drawing a bubble of air into the stem when you cut it off.  As the flowers arrived to you dry and are likely wilted, there is a slight vacuum in the stem before you cut it off that will immediately draw in air if you cut it off while exposed to air.  You want the stem to draw in water not air.

4. After cutting off each stem under water, transfer each rose from the water in the bowl to the warm water in the vase minimizing exposure to the air.  If you are using a bucket, leave them in the bucket.

5. Let the roses stand in the warm vase or bucket water for an hour or two to allow the roses to rehydrate.  The warm water promotes initial uptake of water by the thirsty roses.

6. Place the flowers and vase on the center of the Kulvase™in a location away from bright sunlight, drafts, or ripening fruit or vegetables.  Fruit and vegetables emit traces of ethylene gas as they ripen.  Ethylene also causes many flowers to deteriorate.

IF your roses arrive to you IN WATER or with each stem in a little tube containing water, this means that your florist has PROBABLY "WATERED" your roses as above.  IF IN DOUBT, you should follow the above instructions as any failure to properly water roses will shorten their life.

By using Kulvase™ it is NOT necessary or desirable to cut off the ends and change the water every other day as in the past.  You no longer need to rearrange your flowers every time you trim the ends.  You need only add water as required for transpiration by the healthy roses.  Your roses maintain their length and stay fresh with minimal care.