Kulvase was built upon the dream of enhancing the value and extending the beauty of freshly cut flowers. Since I was a child my father gave me long red roses every Valentine’s day.  I have since associated roses with love and happiness. 

Whenever I get the chance I have fresh flowers in my home. There is something about them that transforms your home, your mood, your sense of well-being.. 

One day in my aunt’s floral shop I wondered how we could prolong the life of flowers― in particular roses. The practical side of me could not justify buying fresh flowers every week, yet I loved having them in my home.   

There had to be a way to extend the enjoyment of my flowers.  With the help of my father’s engineering background, we decided to create a product that would accomplish this for everyone to enjoy. And so Kulvase was born.

The design of the vase was important. We wanted to create an elegant vase, with which we could enjoy the beauty of roses for a long period of time without sacrificing aesthetics. 

Since our initial efforts we have developed a beautiful line of vases and stands as well as partnerships with various ceramic and glass designers.  We are proud to introduce you to our world of Kulvase:  Saving.  Beautifully.