It all started with a desire to create more beauty and to provide greater value for people. We are a father and daughter team that had a idea to prolong the life of flowers in particular roses. We started from scratch and worked on different methods in our own kitchen. It then occurred to us that cooling the water within the vase would have a similar effect as the coolers in Florist shop. After the concept was successfully proven and a patent filed, we decided to create this for the individual to fully enjoy the benefits of such a discovery.

          The dream was to create a vase with which we all could enjoy the benefits of roses for up to 3 times longer with a touch of elegance and simplicity. We wanted to create something, which would prolong the life of flowers with ease and grace. Thereby being minimally evasive focusing as much as possibly on the beauty of flowers and the enjoyment of such. We believe we have succeeded and are proud to introduce you to our world of providing value and beauty with grace.